Tune List

This page provides you with a list of tunes available to be performed at your event.

This list is always changing so may not feature all the tunes I am capable of playing.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to request a tune and I will do my best to learn this for you.


Slow Airs

Typically played individually

Amazing Grace

Ballad of Glencoe

Highland Cathedral

2/4 Marches

Typically played as a set

Highland Laddie

Barren Rocks of Aden


Corriechoillie's Welcome

3/4 Marches

Typically played as a set

Castle Dangerous

The Land of My Youth

(I See Mull)

4/4 Marches

Typically played as a set, excluding Scotland the Brave

The Rose of Allandale

The Galloway Hills

Bonnie Gallowa'

Rowan Tree

6/8 Marches

Typically played individually

Scotland the Brave

The 10th H.L.I. Crossing the Rhine


Typically played individually

The Kesh Jig

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